Topic 4: How to lift yourself from a bad mood

Everyone gets in a mood they don’t want to be in; everyone goes through the flow of emotions and at many stages of your life you are more venerable to these moods. Whether you are generally just feeling down, going through a break up, suffering from a loss or suffer from depression there are ways to help make yourself feel better.

  1. Ring a friend and talk about how your feeling: its amazing what talking to someone you trust can do, getting it all of your chest will make the feeling slowly disappear.
  2. Write it down: writing is a great way of self .
  3. Go for a walk or a work out: moving around releases hormones in your body improving your mood and clearing your mind.
  4. Listen to music: Music is a fantastic way to escape, it is a better idea to listen to upbeat music rather than slow music. And while your at it have a sing along.
  5. Reading: Reading is a escape into another world where your worries and stress and your feelings don’t matter, all that matters is the events unfolding in the story.
  6. Study: study a topic that your interested in, do some school homework.
  7.  Invite people over: enjoy their company for a while you will find that you will be feeling alot better after some time with other things other than that down feeling.
  8. Watch a movie: catch up on some movies that you have been looking forward to watching. Watch a movie that you know you will enjoy.
  9. Draw: Drawing pictures is a great way to express yourself.
  10. Events: Find an event or occasion that is coming up soon, look forward to the occasion and all the fun you will have.
  11. Go shopping: spending some time in your favourite shops either with friends or by yourself can get your mind away.
  12. Sports: head outside and play some sports or just kick around a footy.
  13. Enjoy some TLC: have a hot bath, soak your feet in some warm water with lavender, pain your nails; what ever makes you feel like a million bucks
  14. Make over: get some friends together and give each other make overs, try new make up and new hair styles
  15. Video games: play a video game to distract your self whether its an online or in your bedroom.
  16. Make a list or two: the list can be about anything: food shopping, your favorite things, pets names etc
  17. positive thoughts: think positive your aren’t going to be feeling like this forever. Think of all the good thinks in your life at the moment.
  18. Cooking: make some new foods that you have never tried before.
  19. Plan a prank: Plan to pull a prank on a close friend or family member, then if you have confidence and know the person is a good sport go a head and do it.
  20. Go outside and make a garden or feed the birds: Its amazing what a little fresh air can do.
  21. Quotes: read a few quotes its amazing what they can do to give you confidence and help you feel around better

There are many ways to lift your spirits, but please if you often feel this way and you having bad thoughts tell someone you trust or call a help line.

(All following numbers are for Australia)

Kids help line:1800 55 1800

Lifeline:13 11 14

Mental Illness Helpline 1800 688 382

beyondblue info line 1300 22 4636

“Stay positive even when it feels like everything is falling apart”-anonymous


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