Topic 8: Stereotypes

Stereotypes are unfair to everyone, but we all believe in them one way or another. Stereotypes are a view that lots of people believe in that are fixed around a person, object or thing. The most common stereotypes are the gender, race and grouping of individuals stereotype. These stereotypes are normally negative and don’t

Gender stereotypes revolve around men and women. Men are meant to be strong, covered in muscles, handsome, shaved chests, they like to work on cars, they cant be nurses they have to be doctors, they play video games, lazy, messy, the husbands get the final say, they are better drivers, they are the bread winners for their families, cant do craft, cant have long hair and like outdoor activities. Women stereotypes include: shaved legs, large “chest”, well groomed, must wear make up, must have kids, must get, married, must clean their house, must do everything their husband says, they are good singers, they cant drive, are less smart, women must be the damsel in distress never the hero, they are very girlie, cant work on cars, must have long hair and must be a stay at home mother. We all know that these stereotypes are very wrong, modern day rights require that everyone is equal, gender equality, back in the middle ages these stereotypes would have been put into place.

Race stereotypes are a very touchy subject, now days these stereotypes are raciest and unfair to everyone. Every race has particular foods they are meant to eat, particular attitudes, intelligence, certain races are better at sport and some races are more likely to commit crimes. We all know that it is unfair to treat people like this based on their race, in modern day society these stereotypes are not allowed in the work place, organizations, associations or in the streets. It is against the law to treat people in such a way.

Grouping individuals based on stereotypes include: Gangs must look tough, mean and dirty, Goths must wear black clothes, wear eyeliner, have coloured hair and have a mohawk, all librarians are old, have their hair in buns, wear glasses and are mean, models are young, pretty, not so smart and are anorexic, teenagers are rebels, mean, rule breaking, challenging their parents, take drugs, drink and are criminals, elderly people are unhealthy, clumsy, forgetful and act like kids. These groupings are harsh and should not be used, these stereotypes are not always correct.

Stereotypes change our perspective on how we should act and how others around should act. These stereotypes have gotten so bad that there had to be laws made to protect people and help everyone to be treated fair. If we don’t follow these stereotypes, but expect others to follow them, how is that fair, it only makes conflict in our society.

Everyone knows that these stereotypes are incorrect but we still follow by them. Our society would be so much easier and fair if we all forgot about these stereotypes and just acted like ourselves without trying to “fit in” and avoid being a social outcast. Women can fix cars and have tattoos and men can be nurses with long hair, races can all be the same and be uniquely different while all individuals are very different but should be treated the same, with love and respect. Everyone has a right to bend the stereotype, if we did wouldn’t the world be a safer, happy and friendlier place, with less expectations. Where everyone can be who they want to be and not be afraid of their race or gender changing the way people see them.

“Stereotypes lose their power when the world is found to be more complex than the stereotype would suggest. When we learn that individuals do not fit the group stereotype, then it begins to fall apart”- Ed Koch



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