Topic 9: Story writing

What really makes a story, is it how the author chooses the words, the characters or the plot. Personally I have always found story writing really easy, once I start to write or type a story it just flows, and I don’t want to stop writing it. I think people like stories because it takes them on exciting adventures, helps them to avoid their real life problems, just like a little break or even something simple as the characters remind you of yourself.

Here is my list of what I think makes a good story:

A plot: the story needs to have something in i such as a catch,something that will catch the reader and make them want to keep reading your story.

Characters: The characters have to be interesting and relatable. The characters don’t have to be perfect some times it is about their imperfections that make them so good.

Setting: It is important to have an interesting and descriptive setting, normally something that can catch someones attention.

Language: it is very important to use the right language. Make sure to use the right tenses, you dont want to be using past tenses when you are meant to be using the present tenses. If you are writing in an old fashion sort of language such as, thy is the king, be careful not to change and start to use modern languages such as, you are the king. Make sure to use descriptive language very often, readers like to know what a character looks like, what an object is like and what the surroundings are like.

Theme/Genre: It is important to know what sort of story you are writing, whether it is horror, fantasy, comic, action etc.

Movement: the story needs to move, it needs to change and develop on the paper. Although be careful not to move the story to fast an forget about describing. Make sure the story has something interesting happening at all times.

Direction/purpose: what is the point of telling a story if it has no purpose. The story needs to know where it is going, dont just have lots of little bits in a story, have a in depth story which has a strong purpose.

Conflict/resolution: a story normally has some sort of problem that needs to be solved, one way or another there needs to be a ‘conflict’ to interest people, even if it is something small.

Well, I hope my post helped, I will try later to type up one of my shorter stories for you all. Enjoy and have fun writing.

“If a story is in you, it has got to come out” -William Faulkner


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