Topic 10: Female and male brains

We all know the physical difference, the behaviour difference, attitude difference, likes and dislikes difference between girls and boys, but do you know the difference between boys and girls brains.

When a baby is developing in their mummy’s tummy hormones begin to influence the unborn baby, these differences can be seen at 26 weeks of pregnancy. Although everyone is different, a boy may be more like a girl and a girl maybe more like a boy, but this is the scientific differences.

  • The nerves that connect the left and right sides of the brain is thicker in females than in males.
  • Males and female process language differently- when listening men listen with the left side of their brains, women listen using both sides of the brain
  • Boys fall to learning difficulties more than girls
  • certain parts of the brain mature faster in one gender than the other
  • males brain on average are 10% bigger than female (this does not mean necessarily smarter)
  • males have 6.5 times the amount of gray matter than girls
  • females have 9.5 times the amount of white matter than boys
  • Woman are faster and more accurate at determining emotion
  • woman are better at controlling their emotions (in theory)
  • Females have a bigger hippo campus (the part of the brain we use to remember)
  • Males brains get less natural blood flow
  • woman are more empathisers
  • Men are more systemisers
  • One medication/drug will work differently on men and woman because of how their brain

“Beauty is nothing without brains”- Anonymous 



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