Topic 11: Stress

No matter what during anyones life they will experience stress. Everyone is different, people deal with their stress differently some are more likely to stress than others and some stress more. There are different types of stress, different reasons to stress and different effects on the person emotionally as well as physically.

The definition of stress is: Causing emotional or psychical tension; subject to tension or pressure.

Depending on how much you stress, how long you have been stressing and how each person handles the stress depends on how bad the effects are on you physically and emotionally. Physical effects include: Low energy, headaches/migraines, upset stomachs, dry mouth, problems breathing, chest pains, aches, pains, muscles pains and lots of colds as well as illnesses. Emotional effects include: Mood swings, loosing control, depression, avoiding people, wanting to cry, difficulty relaxing your mind and feeling worthless, lonely and having low self esteem.  Woman are more likely to stress than men.

Stress can be hard to deal with, there are many ways to help. Ways to deal with stress include: taking your mind off the issue (work on your hobby,. spend time with friends etc), work through the issues at are making you stress and try to see if there are anyways you and negotiate, notice the difference between worrying and stress, talk to someone, embrace mistakes, life style change, exercise,  get enough sleep, eat healthy, try to relax (massage, bath, music etc), think positive, try to figure out why you are stressed-what are the issues?, dont stress about it if you can change/fix the issue, relive your stress (punching bag, jounal, stress ball etc), chew gum and get some sunlight.

Stress statistics:

Percent of people who regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress 77%

Feel they have extreme stress 33%

Reported laying awak at night due to stress 73%

Has physically experienced due to stress: teeth grinding 17%, upset stomach 34%, feeling dizzy 17% and headache 44%

Has emotionally felt due to stress: Anger 50%, nervous 45%, lack of energy 45% and wanting to cry 35%

“Never stress over what you can’t change”-Anonymous 



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