Topic 13: Left Handed and Right Handed

Most of the world’s population is right handed, with only 15% being left handed and most of the 15% being male. The person doesn’t simply choose to be left handed or right handed it all depends on how their brain works; it depends on how the left side of the brain relates to the right side of the brain. It has been scientifically proven that left an right people think differently. The only reasons that seem to cause a person to be left handed is the environment they live in, whether they have descendants who where left handed, physical conditions and how much testosterone was in the womb when the baby was developing.

The advantages of being right handed include: most things are projected to righties such as drinking fountains, door knobs, music instruments etc, less likely to be teased, right handers tends to be have better poetic skills, creative, artist, athletic and music abilities, more organized, good numerological skills and wont smudge your work when writing.

The advantages of being left handed include: great as maths, control of speech, good at reasoning and problem skills, very unique and a higher I.Q.

Surprisingly most people don’t think that there is a difference between left handers brain and a right handers brain; there is a difference. Think about it left handers use their hands and feet different to those of a right hander. But as far as the scientific evidence goes the only known difference is the motor skills area and how strong certain area of the brains are. Right hand people favor use of the left side of the brain while left handed people favor the right side of the brain.

Ambidexterity people can write with both hands. Only about 1 of 100 people are ambidexterity, this is a rather rare ability. There are lots of disadvantages including: prone to suffer from Synaesthesia, they score less on intelligent tests, likely to suffer from ADHD, quicker to anger and easier to sway emotionally. There are also many advantages including: quicker to get certain tasks completed, equal strength in both hands, they find sports, music and art easier and can do tasks using both hands.

When someone is ambidexterity they don’t have a dominant brain hemisphere. Their brains are completely the same as right and left handers except their movement area of their brains are slightly different.

“When nothing goes right, go left” – Anonymous



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