Topic 15: Ten myths busted, truth told

There are lots of ways that myths start including: someone telling a lie and the lie catching on, a truth getting slightly twisted either on purpose or by accident and folklore. There are many ways to spread a myth including:word of mouth, social networking etc. It can be hard to tell what is a myth and what is true.

There are many myths around, and many truths that you wont believe including:

1. Going out in the cold with wet hair will make you sick: There have been lots of tests conducted my scientists to prove this wrong. One of the many experiment was, scientist had two groups of people, they put cold viruses in their noses. One group had wet hair and was put into a cold environment, the other had dry hair and was put in a cold environment. They both had the same amount of  chance of catching a cold.

2. Dropping a penny off the side of the Empire State Building could kill someone: this is untrue, the size and weight of the coin is too small. It wouldn’t be able to pick up enough speed to be able to be a lethal speed that could cause someone to be killed.

3. If you drop some food on the ground you can still eat it, as long as you pick it up before five seconds: This is a lie to, it doesnt matter how long the food had been on the food it will still have lots of germs on it.

4. Slap some sense into someone: Surprisingly this one is true. If you manage to slap someone hard enough you can improve alertness and mental acuity. But dont use this as an excue to hit someone…

5. The Great Wall of China is the only man made feature you can see from space: This is false, when you get close enough to see the great wall of china you can also see major roads and huge buildings.

6. Theres a nuclear bomb lost somewhere off the coast of Georgia: This is very true. On February 5, 1958, a air force jet crashed into a  B-47 bomber carrying a 7,000-pound nuclear bomb. The pilot was worried that the bomb might fall from the damaged plane by accident, so he drop the bomb into the water outside of Savannah, Ga. The navy then searched for the bomb for a couple of months but couldnt find it. The Air Force says that the bomb is most likely still intact but poses no harm if it is left undisturbed.

7. The Woolly mammoth roamed the earth when the pyramids where being built: This is most likely to be true. From what scientists can tell the pyramids where built 2250 BC to 2490 Bc, the last woolly mammoth died in 1650 BC. The Egyptians Empire was very advanced, the pyramid of Giza had been built for close to 100o years  by the time the last woolly mammoth had died.

8. Russia is bigger than Pluto: (Surface area of Pluto: 16.7×10^6 km^2; Surface area of Russia: 17.1×10^6 km^2)

9.  Harvard University was founded before calculus was discovered: Harvard was founded in the year 1636 when calculus was discovered in 1684.

10. A con man sold the Eiffel Tower: Victor Lustig, a famous con man managed to get six scrap mentalist to bid on the Eiffel tower, the winning bid was for $70,000.

“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t” – Mark Twain

bibliography: cant_beli.php


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