Topic 18: Camping

I recently went camping, it wasn’t my first camping trip but this is one I will definitely remember. On this particular bush walking camping trip we walked all day, I’m sure we would have walked over 20 km but it was definitely worth it. We climbed up mountains and walked through gorges, seen kangaroos and emus and got to meet lots of new people. Since I’m sure I’m not the only person who likes camping I have decided to make a post providing a few tips that I know, have learned recently and I have learned from other people via the Internet or good old face to face communication.

#1. Take appropriate clothes: If your going in summer take clothes that will keep you cool. Going in winter? take warm clothes. It is always a good idea to pack light when it comes to clothes. If you are going and you expect it to be hot take at least pants and a warm jumper just in case of a change in weather, do the same if your expecting cool weather. Make sure not to take new, good clothes that you just brought. Take old clothes that wont matter so much if they get dirt, ripped or just gross. Take comfortable clothes, your camping, you want to feel comfortable. Remember sure there might be cute guys or pretty girls but they aren’t going to care what you are wearing.

#2. Sleeping area: So your sleeping in a tent in a sleeping bag with maybe a sleeping mat. Don’t sleep on rocks, try to find some where that is on grass or lots of leaves. Sleep on soft-ish ground, that last thing you want is a stiff back and sore hips in the morning.

#3. Hygiene: Interesting…if your sleeping in an area with out a shower or toilet hygiene can be hard, exceptionally if the camp involved you getting very dirty and sweaty…which you will. The best shower you can get is a baby wipe shower, (unless you have a portable shower bag that hangs from a tree), baby wipes could very well save your life. Deodorant can really help, it wont cover all of the BO but it will help. Brush your teeth morning and night, it will help you to feel fresher and cleaner. Hand sanitizer is a big help too take some and use it before you make a meal, before you touch food, before you eat, after you eat, after being to the toilet and after touching anything that is gross.

#4. Appearance: You will want to look decent but don’t stress to much. If you want to ware make-up sure, just don’t stress about it too much, I mean you are camping.

#5. Food: How ever you are cooking your food: over the camp fire, portable cooker etc, your gonna want to cook something quick, easy and nutritious. Try to avoid taking food that will take too long to make, you will probably get annoyed cooking or be too tired to cook.

#6. Fire: Fire is a normally a must on camping trips. Make sure you are allowed to have fires first, some place wont let you have them: fire bans, national parks etc. Make sure not to make a fire bigger than what you need, make one that is suitable for what you need it for. Make sure to use the right wood and a fire starter.

#7. Toilets: Lots of people find this issue embarrassing but it is a normal human need. If you don’t have the luxury of a real toilet, long drop or portable toilet you might find your self in need of digging a hole. That right a hole. These holes need to be 18 inches deep, thats important!! At 18 inches deep in the ground is the layer of dirt that will make your “waste” disintegrate faster and easier. Find a spot where no one can see you and make sure there are no harmful plants or animals around. Take a small shovel, a gardening spade is perfect, take toilet paper, more than what you think you will use, baby wipes, just in case, better to be safe than sorry and hand sanitizer for before and after you toilet.

#8. First aid: It is very important to take a first aid kit. You will need: bandages, band aides, anti-septic cream, tweezers, blister pads, medical tape, sterilized rolls, cotton balls, hand sanitizer, pain relief, allergy medication, scissors, magnify glass, safety pins, digital thermometer, burn relief, bug creams, anti-itch creams or lotions, gloves, torch, first aid manual, marker pen, zip lock bags and water purification tablets.

#9.  Leave no trace: We don’t want to hurt Mrs. Mother Nature so leave no trace is an important phase to remember. Pick up ALL your rubbish and try to find as much biodegradable things as possible.

#10. Not getting lost: Take a map and learn to use a compass. If possible take a GPS and use your phone if you have phone reception.

One of the most important tip is to have fun, and enjoy getting back to nature. Take the time to relax and forget about all your problems.

“Cold air, dark nights, warm fires, bright star”- Anonymous 


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