Topic 20: Substance abuse; drugs and alcohol

Today in class we talked about substance abuse, we talked about how it effects people and their families, how doing drugs and drinking can hurt your body, how it can leads to bad choices such as: your drunk and need a lift home so you get in a car with your drunk friend and how much is enough. We get taught the same things each year, just year after year, they tell us horror stories and make up scenarios, they tell us to be careful and say NO to drugs and alcohol; I know drugs are bad, I know they are more harmful than good and using substances can lead to other things. But for some reason this time it actually got me thinking. If we learn the same things every year at school, its always on the news and even on social media; it is literally in your face all the time, than surely it has gotten into people heads by now.

I think many people just think “yup, sure that wont happen to me” but it does. It doesn’t click in their heads, these people that it happens to aren’t directly linked to them, so of course they wont get it. We are young and have so many people telling us what is right and what is wrong, we have friends saying “yeah, come on try it just once. So-and-so tried it they said it was great” or “don’t even bother, they are disgusting”  but we also have parents and teachers saying “NO, don’t do drugs because I told you not to”.We always have everyone saying make your own choice be your own person, but then they go and try to tell us not to do drugs or yeah, go ahead and try.

When ever we are told about drugs, we are always getting told by an older person; parents or teachers but people don’t understand we don’t want to sit and listen for an hour about how horrible drugs and alcohol are. We want to listen to someone our age, who understands the pressures we are under, and how we want to be our own person, be independent and risky, just bend a few rules and experience new things.

I think people who are telling us about drugs, need to understand us and have a new better way to teach us about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Every year they teach us using the same methods, writing, drawing, assignments and group discussions. To interest teens there needs to be new fun ways to teach them.

Using drugs at an early age is harmful. It is important to teach us all about drugs. Teens need to know what they are doing to themselves when they take these substances. With alcohol becoming a part in modern culture, and it being around all the time, we need to know as much as we can about it. Alcohol and drugs are easy to get a hold of, chances are your friend, siblings and even your children know where to get these from.


  • The average age for a child to fist try drugs is about 13 years old and even younger when trying alcohol
  • Alcohol is the most widely used drug
  • 50% of car crashes involve drugs or alcohol
  • 28% of collage drop outs are alcohol users

Well you have heard the parents, the teachers and people who have been effects by substance abuse, now you have heard my side of the story, the side of a teenager.


“Listen to the generation living now”- Admin

“Drugs and alcohol can be so destructive” – Kyan Doughlas


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