Topic 26: Technology in the modern world

It is not surprising to know that the world is excited about technology. Most people cant live without their phone, laptop or tablet. If we didn’t have technology could you imagine what your life would be like? there would be no Facebook, Twitter, Printerest, Instagram, phones, laptops, Ipods, tablets, cameras etc. Our generation is the most technology advanced, do you think your parents had Facebook or 1000 followers? No.

With all the technology we have today, we are a lot more advanced and have more information at our finger tips but we are also lazier. Without the need to walk to talk to a friend, the need for exercise OUTDOORS, farm our own food for ourselves or the need to run after your children every few minutes because you simply put them down in front of the TV.

Technology is great! but it is also impairing our bodies. With new technology comes new phobias, illnesses, more hearing and sight problems and more chance of weak muscles and weight gain because you are not getting up and MOVING. Nomophobia the free of being without a mobile device, Technophobia the fear of technology, Cyberphobia the fear of computers and even selfiephobia the fear of taking a picture of yourself.

Don’t know something? Google it. Homework problems? Google is there for you. Health issue? That’s right Google. Want the news or weather report? have you tried Google?. Spell checking your latest piece of writing? Google is one finger touch away. Have you notice the pattern, we rely on the internet for EVERYTHING. Who misses the time when you actually had to talk to someone face to face? had to go to your local library to do research? had to consult a real life doctor? I miss that.

“There is an app for that” is one of the most common sayings around technology. If you were to walk down the street or through for local shopping centre you might hear the following sentences: “Did you see what (enter name here) posted?” “did you download that new app?” “I don’t know, just Google it” “Did you see that new phone coming out? I am totally going to buy that” “WHAT?! no wifi?”. Of course these new technology is great, it is helpful and it does in a way make life easier but at what cost?

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”-Albert Einstein



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