Topic 28: Teaching of the Big Bang Theory in school

For the rest of the term in my school we are having to complete a subject called “The Big Bang Theory”. In my opinion this should be a optional subject or a subject that can stay out of the school curriculum. I understand that everyone has a right to there own opinion that find but this is my opinion if you don’t like it that is ok. I’m sorry if this offends you in anyway.

Just look at the name of it, the big bang THEORY. It is indeed a theory, why should they teach a theory in school, they don’t know 100% that this is actually what happened, this is just the most “logical” thought that scientists can think of. After all how are scientist suppose to know this if it suppositively happened over 4.6 billion years go, we weren’t alive then, what physical evidence could you possibly have to support this.

When this was brought up in class, our teacher said, “The bible has no physical evidence while science is all about physical evidence. The bibles events happened a few thousands of years before the bible was written, the stories in it was passed down until someone decided to write it down, just like Chinese whispers. What happens when you play Chinese whispers? the words get mixed up”. She was practically saying that the bible is all made up and was nothing but old stories that were passed down. Science is NOT always right! Example: a dinosaur bone is dug up, they use the sand around it to determine the year the dinosaur died, these dates they make up are approximations, they don’t know for sure that that is indeed the year, I was told this by a REAL scientist who turned Christian after trying to prove the bible wrong, so they have “physical evidence”? The bible does have physical evidence we have the cloth that was over Jesus face when he was in the tomb, it has the imprint of his face on it, we also have the chariots from, when Moses opened the water for Jesus’s people to walk though and the chariots got stuck, we have most of Noah’s Ark, the list goes on. So you tell me we don’t have physical evidence!

At school we are very careful talking about other cultures and often avoid the topic all together, and most of the time we are asked if we want to learn about a certain topic that could contain other cultures in case it could offend us. They should do the same for this topic. Not everyone believes in this and shouldn’t be forced to learn it if it goes against everything they believe. From a Christian stance I don’t think that we should be forced to learn this if it goes against our religion, it is unfair.

By teaching this is school they are making Christian do something that they believe is incorrect. They are making them more acceptable for bulling as their beliefs come out in the open for everyone to talk about and judge. After all on daily bases we have to listen to them bad mouthing out religion and now they want us to accept their beliefs as our own. Does this sound fair? We don’t get taught about religion in public schools so why should we be taught about this.

After all as humans we don’t know everything and never will, this is a THEORY and should NOT be taught in school.

burial cloth of Jesus Christ
Cloth of Jesus
Noahs Ark
Noahs Ark
Chariot Wheels found in the Red Sea
Chariot Wheels found in the Red Sea

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“Faith is having the courage to let God have control”-Unknown


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