Topic 30: The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle or Devils Triangle is a patch of ocean were planes and ships go down, all though you wont find it on any official map. It is just off of  the South eastern coast of the United States in the Atlantic Ocean and covers 500,000 square miles. Out of the whole ocean more planes and ships go down in this area then any other. There appears to be no reason for it. What is really causing it? Why are these ships and planes going down? How many have gone down? And is there a way to stop this?

If you look deeper into the mystery and have a look at the facts, there seems to be a logical explanation for great plane that crashed and each ship that sank.  Does this mean that there is nothing wrong in this area and it is all just a coincidence? not necessarily.

There are lots of theorises why the happens to be many ships and planes meeting their watery graves here. One theory is that the Atlantic City is there and they use crystal energies to drag them down. Another theory is that aliens have a hidden unwater base located in that area. Or a huge methane gas bubble comes up from the bottom of the sea, they are known to exist in large quantities, they could spark on a ship or plane and drag it down. Or maybe rogue tidal waves or even some sort of magnetic force. The truth is no one really knows what causes it. Scientist have had a look in the area and did find a few things out of the ordinary, they found some strange formations on the bottom of the sea floor right on the boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle.

Without knowing the exact cause of this there is no way to stop it. There have been over 50 ships, hundreds of people and over a hundred boats/ships. No one knows for sure how many have gone down, but it is tragic. The navy have even lost a few of their ships in the Bermuda Triangle but refuse to make an exact statement.


” The Bermuda Triangle is a strange and dangerous place”-Unknown


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