Topic 31: Six of the most unusual illnesses and diseases that actually exist

1. Zombie: Cotard’s Delusion, think they are dead. The people who suffer from this tend not to eat, sleep or bath and tend to spend lots of time in cemeteries, where they wish they were ‘among their own kind’. This is caused by a dysfunction in the brain, particularly in the area of the brain that is used for recognizing and associating emotions with faces. This causes the person to be completely emotionally detached. It can be treated with medication and therapy.


2. Werewolf: Hypertrichosis, is were long hair covers the  entire body. Some people can be born with it while other devlop it later in life, it all depends on your genes. It can be treated sometimes with medication or hair removal treatments.


3. Elephant: Elephantiasis, it is caused by parasitic worms. If you are bitten by an infected mosquito it spreads it lava in your tissue. After a while the lava grows and makes fluid build up causing arms, legs, hand and feet to swell up enormously.


4. Nod: Nodding syndrome, is when young children nod viciously at the sight of food. It is a fatal metal and physical disability that stunts growth and often progresses to be seizures. It is believed to be caused by river blindness that is spread through black flies.

black flies

5.  Aliens: Alien Hand Syndrome, is when as owner of a hand has no control over it. It might pick up objects, touch people and act possessed. The person has full sensation in the hand but cant control it. This often occurs after a serius injury to the hand or after surgery. There is no known cure but removing the hand or experimental surgery.


6. Smurf: Blue skin disorder, it is caused by a rare blood disorder called methemoglobinemia. It turns the skin blue or violet. Due to the blood being less oxygenated, it looks blue instead of red through the skin. It can be treated with medication.

blue skin

“Disease are the tax on pleasure”-John Ray



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