Topic 35: Tornadoes

First two different winds are rotating and blowing at different rates and attitudes, this creates wind shear. If this column of wind gets caught in a supercell updraft it will tighten the column of wind and make it spin faster; a funnel cloud is created. The thunder storm forces this funnel to touch the ground making a tornado.


  • In the US they have about 1,300 tornadoes a year
  • About 60 people are killed each year on average every year from tornadoes
  • waterspouts are tornadoes formed over water
  • 3 out of 4 tornadoes happen in the US
  • Tornado winds are the fastest winds on earth
  • The winds can get as fast as 480km/h

Knowing how to survive a tornado is important here is 4 simple steps how:

1. Plan ahead, if you know you are in tornado country or know there are extreme weather warnings you should prepare yourself and your family.

2. Find shelter, if you don’t have the comfort of a tornado safe room or an underground safe place try to get under a heavy table, under mattresses  or sleeping bags and avoid being near heavy things that could fall and hurt you and keep away from windows. If your in a car, park it and find shelter as soon as possible.

3. Stay in your shelter until the danger has passed. Try to keep a radio near by or your phone (if your lucky your phone may work, if the power lines aren’t down)

4. Exit with caution, be aware that there can be lots of tornadoes in an area so exit carefully and be prepared to seek shelter again.

“My heart is spinning. Love is a tornado. Will you be my Kansas?”-Jarod Kintz



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