Topic 37: Twenty Life Hacks

With modern day life becoming harder sometimes it is nice to have an easier faster way to complete a task. If you have money shortages and not having enough spare time, then you should definitely check out these life hacks. Often those small annoying tasks make us mad or completely annoyed, but now there’s a way to improve those pesky tasks.

1. Tired of ice cream dripping all over the place?


2. No more hitting your fingers


3. No more hot water spillages

boil pot

4. Which key is which?

nail polish

5.No more mess

dust pan

6. No more embarrassing zipper down in public moments

pants zip

7. Keep those books clean

pants holder for cookbook

8. Extension no worries

extension cords

9. Bless the paper clip inventor




11.Still going to end up burning your self

collar iron

12.Still cant find that shirt?


13.Like a boss

wrapping paper

14.This will save you a ton of cash


15.There you go boys


16.No more tears

chew gum

17.Or you could use a bread tie

hair clip

18.Keep the paint in the tin


19.Dont scrunch it up or roll it, fold it


20.shoe box+toliet paper rolls=cord holders


““It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” ― J. K Rowling



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