Topic 38: Ten facts about Google

1. A new Google employee is called a ‘Noogler’ and an ex-Google employee is called a ‘Xoogler’ while a Google employee is called a ‘Googler’

2. The button ‘I’m feeling luckly’ is almost never used but people don’t want the button to be removed. It’s a comfort button.

3.  The name Google was an accident it was a spelling mistake. It was originally thought to be Googol.

4. You can email Google and they will actually read it, eventually.

5. Almost 1000 of Google employees became millionaires in 2004

6. The men who invented Google was Larry Page and Sergey Brin who met at Stanford University in 1995 when they were both about 20 years old

7. In June 2006, the Oxford English Dictionary included the word Google

8. When the“Did you mean . . .?” feature was added, site traffic doubled

9.  Google’s unofficial slogan is ‘Don’t be evil’

10. All the letters in the word Google have been copy righted by Google



” What if one day Google gets deleted and we cant Google what happened to Google?” – Anonymous


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