Topic 41: The strangest hobbies

. Playing dead-maybe they are just practising…

. Tattooing vehicles-hmm? make a sweet ride, aye.

. Mooing-That’s right people actually go around making cow noises

. Bottle milk collecting– But wouldn’t the milk go sour?

.Extreme Ironing-maybe this is best explained with a picture… extremeironing

. Carving soap– They actually make a fair bit of cash out of this

. Knitting…uh…Breasts-A picture of the knitting may help…no promises…

.Creating the worlds biggest ball of paint– That actually sounds fun!

.Collecting womans shoes-I think most woman have some sort of a collection but these are MEN collecting them.

.Collecting broken pens-Uh why?

.Collecting nails– These nails are the nails that grow on your fingers. People cut their finger nails then store the clippings away for save keeping

.Tree shaping– That doesn’t sound so bad or strange, right? wrong! The Holey Tree

.Making art with duct tape-Resourceful people…interesting

.Gravestone rubbing-People will go to the cemetery just to touch and feel a head stone…

. Beetle fighting-making…beetles…fight….

Rhinoceros Beetle

.Javelin Catching– WARMING! don’t try this at home.

Javelin Target

. Carving pretty pictures into egg shells-I couldn’t do that, I would brake it…

. Collecting hair– Do you think it matters if it is human or animals?

. Acting like someone else or some other species of animal– Need a break from being human?

“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be” -May Sarton




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