Topic 43: Ten Socially Awkward Things We Do and We Wont Admit to

1. Having imaginary conversations and arguments in your head and making faces to go with it and having everyone around you think your insane.

2. Calls someone. Adrenaline rush.

3. Attractive person talks to you, thinks its some prank

4. Suddenly becomes conscious of your walk, looses all motor skills

5. You concentrate too hard on making eye contact that you miss the whole conversation

6. Opens birthday card and pretending you don’t see the money so you read the card

7. Not being able to say “well this was fun” without sounding sarcastic and like your having the worst time in you life

8. Not catching someones name when you first meet so you have to avoid them for the rest of your life or make up a conversation with other people who were there when you met and try to get them to say the persons name.

9. Not hearing someone the third time they have said something so you just agree or laugh and hope for the best

10. Not being able to pay for something with the right change and not say “I think that’s right”

“I’m definitely on the spectrum of socially awkward” -Mayim Blalik 

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