Topic 44: Ten Common Myths That We All Believe

1. If you are cold, you will get the flu: The coldness doesn’t make you sick it is germs and viruses. The true part about this myth is that the cold weakens our immune system making it easier for us to catch the flu.

2. Lightening never strikes in the same place twice: This is definitely a myth. It is possible for a place or object to be striked multiple times it just depends on the nature of the target.

3. Banana’s grow on trees: We might call it a banana tree but the stem is actually a herb

4. Gold fish have a three second memory: Goldfish are believed to have more of a 8 second memory, but some fish have been taught to do tricks that proves that they have a decent memory.

5. You shouldn’t swallow gum because it will stay in your stomach for years: Scientist have made sure that this is not the case. Although most gums don’t break down but they will come out looking a lot like they were when they went in.

6. Cracking your knuckles will lead to arthritis: That is according to a resent study.

7. A ducks quack doesn’t echo: This is false, if you don’t believe me get some bread and find a pond or even easier get a video from Youtude.

8. Dropping a coin from the Empire State Building will kill someone if it hits them: The average coin would be too light to actually hurt. Its terminal velocity it would be falling at about 100 miles/hour so it would hit you with about one pound of energy, it would hurt a little but not kill you.

9. The Great Wall of China is the only man made structure that can be seen from space: From the height in space were you can see the Great Wall of China you can also see the Pyramids in Egypt.

10. The 5 second rule: That’s definitely not true it only takes about a second if that.

Five Second Rule

“Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths” – Joseph Campbell



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