Topic 45: Ten things you didnt know existed

1. Pepper spray that takes a photo of the person you spray. This could be handy, hand the picture into the police and they can catch the ‘bad guy’

2.  Selfie shoes. Just what we needed 

Things You Didn't Know Existed13

3. Heated Butter knife. Now you can spread your butter easier, this is the future of butter spreading

4. Solar powered camping tent. I guess you can bring your hair dryer now… Talk about getting back to nature

5. Nesting Knives. Saves space in your kitchen

6. A pocket sized washing machine. Washing on the go

7. Magnetic light switches.

“Honey, where did you put the car keys?”

“On the light switch, dear”

8. camera’s that look like juice boxes…Why?…

9 Weird Things Camera Juice Boxes

9. Leggings that shed like snakes. Because you want to spend some cash on pants that will rip and shed.

11 Weird Things Molt Like a snake leggings

10. Chocolate dipped doritos. Because normal doritos are to main stream

5 Weird Things Chocolate Doritos

“Some times the most craziest ideas are the best ideas” -Anonymous



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