Topic 49: What are the most Googled things?

Almost everyone uses the internet. It is one of the biggest information sources. People like to learn it is at their finger tips, but what are the most Googled subjects? most Googled search terms?

  •  Ebola
  •  The lost Malaysian Airlines plane, Where Is MH370?
  • The World Cup
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Robin Williams
  • Tracy Morgan
  • IPhones and other Apple products
  • Paul Walker
  • Kim Kardashian
  • “What is…” questions about Ebola, ALS, ISIS, Bitcoin and asphyxia
  • Health symptoms, I’m dying of what?!
  • Can dogs dream and why do they eat grass
  • Pregnancy questions and body development questions
  • Questions about animals
  • Marriage equality

What about Youtube? What are the most searched terms or subjects?

  • Mutant Giant Spider Dog
  • ALS Ice bucket challenge
  • Music videos
  • Minecraft and other games
  • Movie previews and advertisements
  • how to videos
  • animal videos
  • Tip videos
  • Baby Videos
  • Celebrity videos

“You don’t need to follow trends to be stylish”-Naomie harris



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