Hi guys,

Just a quick update I am officially half way on my blog, half way to my goal of 100 topics. I would love it if you guy could give me your opinion and thoughts on my blog and the topics I have been doing. If you guys have any idea on a topic you would like me to do it would be great if you could let me know and I will make sure to do it for you if it seems appropriate. I have been having a great time on this blog, it has allowed me to express my option many times and maybe help to shed some light on a few misconceptions. I would like to think that all of you out there enjoy my blog as much as I do.  It can take me a little while to come up with the topic ideas that would be interesting to you all because I know how boring it can be to read something you think will be great and then you get to the end it was a waste of time. I would just think to thank all of my followers, viewers and supporters thank you guys all so much you have really helped me to keep striving for my goal of 100 topics. Please feel free to comment or contact me.

Thanks Admin.



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