Topic 60: Book or Movie

Which is better the book or the movie? The film or the pages? Everyone is different when it comes to books and movies. Some people don’t enjoy reading an some do, some people like to watch and see the action happen on a screen rather than picture it in their heads. Then there are the od group of people who happen to enjoy the book just as much as the movie; I’m in that group, the watch the movie, read the book, decide which is better group. But what are the pros ad cons to watching the movie over reading the book and the pros and cons to reading the book than watching the movie?

Reading the book:


  • In the book it is easier to see what is happening in the characters head and what thy are thinking as well as feeling. This makes the characters action have more meaning and they make more sense.
  • There are no beautiful people on the screen distracting you from the story and the action happening plus you can imagine the characters to look how you think they look
  • The plot makes more sense because the book is trying to tell a story not look spectacular. Also there are no added scenes that drag on the movie and so nothing but cost time and not improve the plot.
  • Books don’t need a power source and you can read then for as long as you want
  • Reading can take longer than watching  movie, but reading makes the enjoyment last longer than 2 hours
  • There are never bad special effects because you can imagine it in your head
  • The story isn’t roughened by bad acting
  • The reader can make the book their own story, pretend you are a character
  • They are very portable
  • builds your vocabulary
  • mental workout
  • improves creativity
  • inexpensive


  • Not as visually appealing
  • missing out on seeing your favourite character being played by your favourite actor
  • Time consuming
  • paper cuts (they are no laughing matter)
  • Having to imagine the explosions, and gun fire and not actually seeing it
  • takes more concentration and imagination (this one only applies to lazy people or tired people)
  • Understand the characters better

The movie:


  • Easier to get through
  • visually appealing
  • Better plot line
  • Watching a movie can be a social event
  • Pretty girls and hot guys on screen (just being honest)
  • Less need for brain power
  • you can sit back and enjoy the movie without needing to imagine what is going on
  • Good conversation starters
  • special effects
  • entertaining


  • Expensive
  • missing out on parts of the story
  • you are forced to see the character how other people want you to see them
  • You don’t get an inside look into their minds
  • you cant take on a character as well
  • you need a power source
  • less portable
  • harder to hide watching them at night time when you meant to sleeping
  • bright light isn’t good for your eyes

“A good book should leave you… slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it.” ~William Styron, interview, Writers at Work, 1958


My own experience


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