Topic 61: Photographing the human soul


If you have wondered for a long time whether the human spirit is indeed real, or a figment of an overactive imagination, thought up thousands of years ago by someone less informed about science than we are today, then Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov might just have the answer for you. Using a technique first discovered in 1939 by Semyon Kirlian, Korotkov claims to be able to capture the actual moment of the soul leaving the body of dead humans by using Bioelectrographic photography, also called electrophotonics, or more colloquially, Kirlian Photography after the gentleman who discovered this much researched topic some 76 years ago.

How it works can be explained in fairly simple terms. Based on the principle that Kirlian photography can capture the life energy of a living creature by creating electromagnetically charged fields, and using a gas emission discharge to capture that energy in a process known as Gas Discharge visualisation or (GDV), so the Russian scientist claims to be successfully able to manipulate this process to capture that exact moment when the soul is said to vacate the human body, at the time of death. Interviews, images and video showing the events as Konstantin Korotkov explains them are widely available.

This type of photography is mainly used in relation to electric coronal discharges, and measuring various aspects of electricity during it’s transfer through wires, however what the Russian scientist, Konstantin Korotkov is describing in his new found use for this process is only now possible thanks to the development of new technology.

We humans have believed collectively in body and soul since the beginning of time. What Konstantin Korotkov has discovered now has the potential to tell us once and for all that the soul does exist and that the life after death that we hope for throughout life is awaiting us. This is a phenomenally important experiment that must not be dismissed without full and proper research. There are relatively few questions that someone somewhere at some time in history hasn’t answered to a greater or lesser extent. However, the question of whether the soul exists within the body can only be answered by visual evidence of the soul vacating the body at the appropriate time. If this can be done, then we have the answer. If not, then we can keep wondering until the inevitable day when we will all find out.

What we do know is that Korotkov is an eminent scientist in Russia. He is a provider of a number of courses and seminars all related to GDV and bioelectrography and can easily be considered an expert in his field. For this reason, much credence can be lent to anything said by Dr Korotkov, but we must also remember that at this stage his claims to be able to capture the soul leaving the dead human body are uncorroborated other than by his own photographs.

As interesting as this question is, it has to be noted that until independent testing is undertaken, it is impossible in spite of Dr. Korotkov’s discovery, to accept the results as absolutely genuine.
Of course, if we can get to a point where the testing has been done, and the processes accepted as a genuine visualisation of our souls departing our end of life bodies, this will bring into play all manner of religious arguments.

These will centre around the need for performing such an invasive method of photography at such an unpleasant time as death, for no purpose other than proving that it happens. Religious groups will, of course, claim that they have always known and that this is not news. For those of us who believe in Science over religion, then we might choose to revise our views.

How fitting that a scientist would want to use science to prove, rather than disprove religion. For millennia, the human race has believed in one or the other, but not both. Science and Religion have never sat well together but if Dr Korotkov’s findings stand up to the close scrutiny they are bound to come under, then we could be in the unconsidered position of Science and Religion coming together to answer questions that have gone unanswered for centuries. That is the real phenomenon.

The human soul captured leaving the body after death!

The human soul captured leaving the body after death!

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“There is no such thing as death, the soul can never die”- Anonymous 


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