Topic 64: How to get up in the morning

Not everyone is a morning person. I even have trouble getting up in the morning. Sometimes I would rather stay in bed then get up. Whether you have to get up for work, school, for the kids or because you are mean to be somewhere, it can still be hard to get out of bed. Here is why its so hard and ways to get out of bed.

Why is it so hard to get out of bed?

There are a few reasons why is can be hard to get up out of bed and start the day these reasons include:

  • Not getting enough sleep during the night
  • Irregular sleeping schedule
  • Poor sleep hygiene, such as watching tv in bed or drinking coffee before going to sleep
  • Sleep apnea
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Working night shifts
  • Your internal clock is off on time. e.g. due to day light savings your body is use to sleeping until 9:00am but because of day light savings you now need to get up at 8:00am and your body isnt use to that.
  • Sleep illness
  • Needing to get up to children or pets during the night
  • Laziness
  • Not being motivated

How can you make getting up in the morning easier?

  • Sleep at regular times
  • see a doctor to check for sleep disorders
  • Practice good sleep hygiene, such as no coffee before bed
  • Make sure to wear yourself out and release energy during the day
  • Make a routine
  • Set a morning goal
  • Have a reason to get up, e.g. your favourite cereal is waiting or meeting up with a friend
  • Eat and drink healthy
  • Plan before e.g. make the alarm away from the bed so you need to get up to turn it off
  • Sleep next to a window with the curtains open so you get some light first thing in the morning, it helps to reset your bodies clock
  • If you have someone wake you in the morning have them open the curtains or turn on the light
  • Gradual waking. e.g. my net radio starts playing random chill ambient-like music. Five minutes later my phone starts ringing. This way I’m partially awake when phone alarm goes off, and I know I don’t even have to open my eyes before that happens. If I feel like it, I snooze the phone once and just chill out with chill music for another 7 minutes.
  • Disable the snooze button on your alarm
  • Make the bed less comfortable

If absolutely none of these works it might be time to try something like:

This app that makes you get up and scan items:

An iPhone app that you need to shake to turn off:

A DIY clock that shreds money every-time you hit snooze:

What are your ticks to getting out of bed?

“No amount of sleep in the world could cure the amount of tiredness I feel” -Internet Quote 


‘My own experience’


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