Topic 71: Weird things people do in their sleep

Sleep is weird. We are unconscious for hours on end hallucinating vividly. Some people sleep on their own and dont really know what they do while they sleep, while others who sleep with a partner or in the same room as someone, then they might be able to tell you. Most people think they just lay there in bed, eyes closed, body still and relaxed, but that isnt always the case. Here are some REALLY weird things people do in their sleep.

Sleepwalk: Sleep walking isnt very uncommon and occurs during the 3rd stage of sleep. Sleep walkers are NOT acting out their dreams. It is important not to wake a sleep walker as they can turn violent and it is very dangerous and can harm their brains.  Adults who are sleep walkers often experience higher frequency of daytime sleepiness, fatigue, insomnia, and anxiety symptoms during the day after their sleep walking experience.

Sending text messages: It isnt uncommon and not very surprising since most people sleep next to their phones. ‘One survey from Villanova University found that out of 300 students, 25 to 35% had sent text messages while they were asleep. This non-REM parasomnia is harmless—but it could be embarrassing’.

Talking and screaming: Talking and screaming while a sleep in common in kids. Some children and early teens suffer from night terrors. Children will sit up straight in bed with their eyes wide open screaming. It is the fear response during sleep and is more common in children getting bullied. 6.5% of children suffer from night terrors while only 2.2% of adults suffer from night terrors.  ‘Night terrors are often mistaken for nightmares; the difference is that nightmares occur during REM sleep when the brain is more active, and people generally remember them the next day, while night terrors happen during Stage 3 sleep and people have no memory of them when they wake up.’

Driving: This normally happens when sleep walkers leave their houses. It is more likely to occur in sleepwalkers and people who take some sleeping medications that can lead to sleep walking.

Prepare food and eat it: Cheating on your diet in a whole new way. This normally occurs in stage 3 of sleep and also falls under the category of non-REM parasomnia. There is more chance of this happening in people who are on a very strict diet, they will often eat the more higher calories food. ‘Not surprisingly, sleep-eating can cause weight gain, dental problems, or injuries from preparing the food.’

Act out their dreams: ‘Normally during REM sleep our muscles are paralyzed, which is thought to protect us from acting out our dreams. But in some cases, there’s a failure of paralysis, so people do act out their dreams—and that’s called REM behavior disorder.’ this is more likely to happen in older men and people taking sleeping pills.

Sleep anger: This is often referred to as waking up on the wrong side of the bed. It happens when someone wakes up in the early stages of sleep. This often runs in families. The person will wake up confused and angry.

Murder: ‘Some people have actually committed murders while sleep walking. One man strangled his in-laws in his sleep and was found not guilty! As of 2000 there were about 68 cases of murder while sleepwalking in the world.’

Sleep violence: Some people get up in the middle of the night and commit violent crimes such as: theft and assault.

Sleep Art: Some people actually get up to create art. Some people will paint and draw while asleep but wont be able to do it while awake.

“Dont give up on your dreams, keep sleeping”- Internet Qoute



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