Topic 73: Common Misconceptions

Not everything you hear or read is true. There are many things that we think are true but really aren’t. Sometimes these misconceptions have been pasted down from generation to generation, maybe you hear it from a friend or read it online but either way I’m going to try an ‘unbunk’ some of these misconceptions.

  • Alcohol doesn’t keep you warm
  • Swallowed gum doesn’t take seven years to digest
  • There’s no evidence that vikings had horns on their helmets
  • George Washington Did Not Have Wooden Teeth
  • Napoleon Was Not Particularly Short, he was of average size
  • Einstein Never Failed Math
  • Someone Does Not Need To Be Missing For 24 Hours To File A Missing Persons Report ( if there is evidence violence or an unusual absence it can be filed within 12)
  • When Olde English Was Spoken People Did Not Use “Ye” Instead of “The”
  • The Great Wall Of China Is Not Visible From The Moon
  • Goldfish Actually Have Memories Longer Than A Few Seconds
  • Bulls Are Not Enraged By The Color Red, it is actually the movement of the matador’s cape that makes them mad.
  • Shaving Does Not Make Hair Grow Back Faster And Thicker
  • Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism
  • Bananas grow on trees, no they dont, they actually grow on a herb that looks like a tree.
  • We actually have close to 20 senses not 5, these include: pain, movement and hunger
  • Toilet water does not spin in different directions in different hemispheres.

“Open your mind before you open your mouth” -anonymous 



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