Topic 81: English words that sound made up but really aren’t

English…English, where to start. English is one of the most difficult languages to learn, especially because there are different types of English e.g. American English, Australian English. There is always that one word that you just cant say and cant spell. What about these words though, these words sound completely made up. Good luck spelling let alone pronouncing these words.

1. Ragamuffin: The word ‘rag’ means a dirty piece of material, well ragamuffin is someone who wears dirty and grubby clothes. Most of the time people use this word to describe clothes that children have been wearing when they have finished playing.

2. Gobbleygook: means nonsense or have no meaning. It also describes when people cant understand what another person wants; they cant understand what they are saying.

3. Discombobulate: Confused? You should be! Discombobulate means to confuse!

4. Flummox: To flummox a person (verb) means to confuse them a lot.

5.  Curmudgeon: Meaning someone who is mean and/or bad tempered

6. Lackadaisical: Someone that is lazy and has no enthusiasm or determination.

7. Woebegone: It’s easy to break this word into two parts – woe (extreme sadness) and begone (an old-fashioned word that means surrounded by something). So, woebegone means “surrounded by sadness.”

8. Soliloquy: This is when someone talks out loud to themselves about what they are thinking or feeling. Shakespeare used this a lot in his plays mainly in Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. 

9. Elysian: Happy, blissful, delightful

10. languorous: Indifferent, weak

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” -Rudyard Kipling



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