Topic 86: People Who Didn’t Quite Get It Right

People often try to copy things they see online or hear about from friends. But we hardly get to see the failed attempts just the perfect ones. There is a good reason we don’t see the failed attempts…


0b5542bb-40d0-4d45-a104-72c2bccd91a8 0b5542bb-40d0-4d45-a104-72c2bccd91a8 5d1d7a17-03d6-40da-bf32-3fac957e3c2b 7b3eb0f6-0386-4af0-b1a1-b8551b29fc43 7c833afae71a036b17efe32d3b03942a 8ad7bd50-56bc-40b6-b448-3cb6c4b32ad9 34-Nailed-it-sheep-cakes 75d79e8b-a3a3-47c4-ae8c-990dcb757660 694a59f887a57b559c10ede474abce8c 7594b3f1-68f0-457e-a9c8-b38604dfdf23   2512662D00000578-2927468-Never_work_with_animals_or_children_One-a-54_1422357070204 a205a3245e77c4321bd9dc5fcbe3fac6f701dbb4403a05a04991af1d0e58ec56 ba006202-627c-48fd-adc5-7570d76119c4 c7e46190-6a41-49f3-a7f3-75550cf646f4 dc2cbe5b-f058-4049-a1b3-055e42a55f0e horrible-childen-cake-ever-16 nailed_it Nailed-it nailed-it1 russia-131 here 2 here

“Nailed it” – Internet quote 


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