Topic 89: Fan Theories About Disney Movies That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Every child (and most adults) love Disney movies. But what about these crazed fans who have just figured out probably the most amazing thing about these movies. In some way all these movies are connected! All these movie characters are in someway complementing the other! Read these fan theories and you’ll understand what I mean, they are simply amazing! I never even thought of it like this! Ok, some are a bit weird and a bit off but come on, this is exciting!

  1. The Little Mermaid, Tangled, and Frozen are all connected!

    Here’s the gist: Three years ago, Elsa and Anna’s parents sailed off to a wedding (Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel’s wedding) and they died at sea. (Frozen came out almost exactly three years after Tangled did.) Their shipwreck is the one that Ariel explored in The Little Mermaid. It even makes sense geographically!

  2. Elsa and Anna’s parents are actually Tarzan’s parents!

    OK, can you keep up with this one? The producers of Frozen started a whole lot of buzz when a fan asked them on Reddit if the Little Mermaid/Frozen/Tangled theory was true. Their response? That the Arrendelle king and queen didn’t die in the wreck, but actually escaped to an island, had a son, and were killed by a leopard. That means that Elsa and Anna’s parents survived the wreck, lived in the jungle, and had another son (TARZAN!) who was later raised by gorillas. OH.EM.GEE.

  3. The king of Arrendelle is actually Rapunzel’s uncle and magic only affects blonde children in the family!

    Baby Rapunzel and Elsa were both blonde. If Elsa’s dad was Rapunzel’s mom’s brother, then it would explain why he would want to hide Elsa’s powers. (His niece was kidnapped for her powers after all, by Mother Gothel!) Since both of these magical girls are blonde, it makes sense to say that magic has to do with a blonde trait. (Anna didn’t get any powers.) See the full ins and outs of this theory HERE(I recommend you check it out):

  4. Jane from Tarzan is actually Belle and Beast’s granddaughter!

    Tumblr users came up with the idea that Jane is actually Belle and Beast’s granddaughter, their reasoning being that they look so much alike. It was also pointed out that Jane could understand Tarzan, who was kind of animal-like or beast-like, just as well as Belle understood Beast. Also, it would totally explain why these plates could be seen at her campsite:Mrs Potts Tarzan

  5. Andy’s mom is actually Emily, the original owner of the Jessie cowgirl doll!

    WHAT THE WHAT?! Yep. There’s a theory that connects Andy’s mom from Toy Story to the original owner of Jessie (AKA “Emily”). The theory starts with the fact that “Emily” had a red cowgirl hat just like Jessie’s, a hat that Andy always wore while he was growing up. Read more about this theory, definitely do!

  6. Belle from Beauty and the Beast totally should have ended up with Aladdin!

    When Belle enters the library, she describes her favorite book, which can be seen in the image below. Does she actually belong in the world of Aladdin?Belle Beauty and the Beast & Aladdin

  7. Boo from Monsters, Inc. is actually the witch from Brave!

    SAY WHAT? This one’s super complicated. It involves time travel and a whole bunch of magic but basically, Boo learned how to travel through doors from Sully and Mike in Monsters, Inc., right? So when she grows up, she wants to find Sully again so she time travels through doors to the time period of Brave. Why? Because she wants to understand the magical whisps, thinking they’ll bring her back to Sully. While she’s there, she takes up wood carving, which explains why she has a carving of Sully. It also explains why every time the door closes, the witch (AKA Boo) disappears. More HERE! in Brave

  8. Mother Gothel from Tangled is the same person as the Evil Queen from Snow White!

    First of all, just look at the physical similarities! Secondly, Mother Gothel has a dagger in a box, which looks a lot like the dagger in the box that the Evil Queen gives to the Huntsman. Both women are completely obsessed with beauty and staying young, too. Lastly, look at the similarities between them when they turn old and haggard: Mother Gothel is Evil Snow White Queen

  9. Characters exist in the video game world of Wreck It Ralph, too!

    While the video game world from Wreck It Ralph is totally different than the other worlds other Disney/Pixar movies take place in, characters can still exist in that world. Maximus the horse and Vladmir (the guy from the pub) from Tangled both make very sneaky appearances in Wreck It Ralph. And they’re not the only ones! Tiny the Dinosaur from Meet the Robinsons is also there. You can even see a “Missing Dog” poster in the screencap below. That missing dog? It’s Bolt.Bolt Missing Dog PosterWreck It Ralph Conspiracy Theory

  10. The entire plot of Up is completely imaginary!

    Actually, not the ENTIRE plot. Basically, this theory suggests that Carl Fredricksen passes away peacefully in his sleep on the night before he’s supposed to go to the retirement home. Then, the rest of the plot is his dream/”adventure” toward finding Ellie in the afterlife. The theory can be found here!


“Your mad, bonkers, off your head! But I’ll tell you a secret: all the best people are” – Alice In Wonder Land 


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