Topic 99: Unspoken Rules Of Society

When we are in public places, peoples houses or with company there are unspoken rules that everyone is expected to live by.

  1. Keep away your phone if someone is talking to you.
  2. Try not to talk on phone in theater or silent public places.
  3. Please do not ignore your partner or friends and text during dinner or dates.
  4. If you’re over at someone else’s place and they say, “I have a lot on at work tomorrow,” or “It’s getting late/I’m getting tired,” it means it’s time for you to leave.
  5. Chew with your mouth closed. And don’t start talking with a mouthful of food.
  6. You should offer to pay someone for gas if they drive you a lot of places.
  7. Don’t make plans with other friends in front of friends who aren’t invited.
  8. Hold the door open for everyone.
  9. Let people exit from the elevator and trains first.
  10. Just because you’re entitled to have an opinion doesn’t mean it’s always appropriate to express it.
  11. Watch where you’re going when you’re walking. Don’t stop suddenly or stand in the middle of a busy sidewalk (e.g. to check your phone). You’re in the way!
  12. Don’t cut someone off, wait till they finish what they’re saying.
  13. Don’t “over share.” Unless you’re talking to a best friend or a shrink, don’t give confessional details about your marital problems, your health, bad things you’ve done, or sexual conquests.
  14. Don’t criticize people who haven’t asked you to do so, aside from in dire circumstances (e.g. someone is about to ruin an important project). Even if someone does ask for criticism, understand that people aren’t always aware of how much they can stomach. If someone asks how they look, they may be expecting you to say, “Great!” or “You’d look better with a different top.” They may not want you to say, “Like shit.” Use all the info you know about them to determine what sort of criticism they’re looking for.
  15. Always ask a person while picking up food from their plate and make sure you use a clean spoon or the hand that you are not eating with.
  16. Try to treat people nicely even if you don’t have to.
  17. NOT to speak in your local/regional language if there is third person who does not understand it.
  18. Don’t talk about religion and politics. People may differ in opinion.
  19. No means no.
  20. You bring a gift when visiting another’s home and never insult the hosts.
  21. A younger person is always introduced to an older person. Even if a younger woman is being introduced to any older man, make sure to say the older person’s name first. “<name> I would like you to meet <name>”.
  22. Avoid finishing other people’s sentences unless you are close.
  23. In a supermarket put things back where you found them.
  24. If someone hands you their phone to look at a photo, do not — DO NOT — under any circumstance swipe to the right.
  25. Assume all service workers are having a bad day and be nice.
  26. Offer to help someone to do their work, if they struggling to do it themselves all alone.
  27. Never give any advice to anyone unless they ask for it.
  28. It is rude to eat your food before the other people at the table get theirs.
  29. If  you’re invited to a friend’s house party, be generous in helping to clear  up some garbage at the end. Always clean up after yourself too,  obviously.
  30. Never put money into an offering plate at church and take change- putting in a $10 and taking out a $5. This is truly bad form.
  31. It’s rude to brag about your finances: salary, bonuses, pensions, investments and so on.
  32. Unless relevant to you as an employer, family member or good friend, avoid asking someone about their academic progress, success or background.
  33. Eye contact is expected in most cultures.

35.  Always form a queue in public places.

36. Don’t talk loudly in public places

37. Avoid going to a restaurant that’s about to close. It’s highly probable that the workers already had a long day and pretty much want to go home. Your last minute order is going to delay that. You always have 24 hours food chains for your late night hunger pangs.


You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”  Mahatma Gandhi

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